Beautiful places in Kamennomostskiy (Adygea) for recreation

What to see in Kamennomostskiy (Adygea) is a must among the variety of natural attractions and beautiful places? We have selected TOP tourist sites, where every independent tourist is obliged to build a route, found picturesque valleys, mountain rivers with waterfalls, grottoes. Attached photos and described the best places to go in the vicinity. At the end of the material, you will find a fascinating video review.

The village is a tourist pearl of Adygea, which is visited annually by a huge number of travelers from Russia. Sometimes you can meet Germans and most often Chinese, who do not like to sit in their country in the summer.

Valleys, caves, waterfalls, and other beautiful places in the village of Kamennomostsky in Adygea will not leave anyone indifferent. Let’s take a look at the most interesting and popular attractions of this region.


Meshoko gorge

The famous gorge of Adygea

The gorge is located in the southern part of the village, it is one of the most picturesque in the republic and strikes with the pristine beauty of nature. Translated, its name means Bear Valley. The gorge has been inhabited by people for more than four millennia, which is confirmed by archaeological finds.

Getting to the canyon to see with your own eyes small grottoes, caves, numerous waterfalls among rare species of lush vegetation will not be difficult using one of the several accessible paths. The trails are safe, but they must be passed in comfortable shoes and preferably during daylight hours. Of course, the means of communication taken with you will not be superfluous.

  • operating mode: summer and winter.

Kamennomostsky monastery


St. Michael’s Athos Monastery is located high in the mountains, nowhere else in the country you will find such a miracle. It was founded by the natives of Mount Athos and is located at a distance of 12 km from the village. At the end of the 19th century, the monastery was the largest in the region. The monastery in Kamennomostskiy is famous for the hospitality of the monks. Every year more and more sufferers, pilgrims and vacationers visit it.

Incredibly fragrant tea, delicious pancakes with different fillings, a peaceful atmosphere, beautiful nature, the presence of a stable nearby – enhance the pleasant impression of visiting this place.

  • address: Maykop district, pos. Victory, st. Spring 5;
  • working hours: summer and winter;
  • website:

Khadzhokh gorge

Khadzhokh gorge

Mentioning the sights of Khadzhokh, it is imperative to tell about the gorge. The canyon is distinguished by its impressive size, and the height of its walls is 35 m. The Belaya River flows along the bottom of the gorge. In places of strong narrowing of the rocks, it forms a powerful water stream, as a result of which nature has masterfully created outlandish stone forms that are accessible to tourists from observation bridges.

  • address: pos. Kamennomostsky;
  • working hours: summer and winter;
  • ticket prices: children – 100 rubles, adults – 200 rubles.

Dakhovskaya cave in Adygea

Entrance to Dakhovskaya

The location of the cave is about 2.5 km from the mouth of the Dakha river, and a path leads to it from the Dakhovsky bridge. An observation deck is installed in front of the entrance to the underground kingdom, which is 70 cm high. A twenty-meter corridor leads to two underground halls of the cave. In antiquity and the Middle Ages, there was a man’s camp here.

  •  operating mode: year-round.

Rock fucking finger

View of the rock in the evening

If you are interested in the sights of Dakhovskaya in Adygea, the Devil’s Finger Rock is exactly that amazing place that crowds of tourists who come here from different parts of our Motherland are happy to visit. Previously, it was possible to climb the top of the boulder only on foot, but now a cable car has been laid to it, so the ascent to its top can be mastered by a visitor of any age. We definitely recommend visiting this object at any time of the year.

  • address: village Dakhovskaya.

Old bridge

Old bridge

The old bridge is laid across the Dakh river. The structure was built by the Cossacks in 1905, sent into exile for the revolutionary insurrection, as well as by the inhabitants of the village. Today the building is not in operation and is only an architectural monument. A nearby metal-concrete bridge is used for transporting transport.

  • address: village Dakhovskaya.

Dusty cave

The Limestone Dust Cave has a triangular opening of small width. To examine it, no special equipment is required, and it is located on the Una-Koz ridge.

  • address: village Dakhovskaya.

Cave of desires

View from the cave of desires

The caves in Adygea, in our opinion, are one of the most fascinating places where independent tourists should visit, but not everyone knows where they are, and, moreover, not all grottoes are prepared for descent, some popular places this and last year were washed away by water, the descent became dangerous. The Cave of Desires, located like the Devil’s Finger on the Una-Koz ridge, is perfect for an unprepared visit. You can get to it along the path that runs between the overhanging rocks. The grotto is fenced and occupies a large area.

  • address: village Dakhovskaya.

Just in case, we recommend visiting some more grottoes indicated on the map:


Rope park “Tethys”

Extreme park for family

What to see in Kamennomostsky and where to have fun in summer, spring or autumn? We advise you to visit the Tethys Park, which is perfect for outdoor activities. Rope tracks are equipped on five hectares. There are children’s, family, extreme tracks, as well as trolls. In this park, the highest swing in Adygea is installed, raising tourists to a height of 35 m. The territory is equipped with observation platforms and paths. To services of tourists – a tent camping, a cinema and a kitchen with an open veranda.

  • address: village Dakhovskaya;
  • working hours: 9.00 -17.00 except Monday (it is recommended to check with the manager);
  • ticket prices: depending on the attraction – from 400 to 2500 rubles.
  • official website:

Savran ropeway

View of the cable car from the end point on the mountain

What to see in Dakhovskaya we also recommend from interesting places that will be useful to small tourists and their parents? Of course, the magnificent alpine landscapes, which will be comfortable for children and older people to admire, riding on the Savranskaya cable car. It started operating in 2014 and is equipped with chair lifts. The cable car connects the village with the Una-Koz ridge. You can get to it in 20 minutes, in contrast to the hiking ascent, which lasts 2-3 hours.

  • address: village Dakhovskaya;
  • working hours: in the summer from 9.00 -18.00, in the winter from 9.00-20.00;
  • ticket prices: 300-600 rubles.

Rufabgo Falls

Rufabgo Falls

Rufabgo Falls are easily accessible and very picturesque, so in the summer they are visited by a huge number of vacationers. The waterfalls bear the same name as the river of the same name, they amaze with their incredible beauty, have a height of up to 15 meters. In total, they unite 35 waterfalls, but no more than eight are available for visiting: Maiden Scythe, Lace, Shum, Rufabgo’s heart and others, which allows them to preserve their pristine nature. In winter, the route to the waterfalls becomes fabulous. We do not recommend visiting the falls immediately after the rain, as it becomes slippery and the water becomes cloudy.

  • address: village Dakhovskaya;
  • operating mode: summer, winter;
  • ticket prices: 500 rubles adult ticket (crossing the bridge).

Fantasy park

Fun park for children

While exploring the sights in the village of Dakhovskaya, we definitely recommend visiting the “Fantasy Park”, created by nature itself. Park images and figures were barely touched by the hand of the master to emphasize their perfection. The park features over a hundred different exhibits made of wood and stone. Each of them is accompanied by comic poems and fairy tales. It took three years to create it, and it took almost one hundred and fifty tons of rubble and stone to fill the paths.

  • address: village Dakhovskaya, st. Sadovaya 2;
  • working hours: every day 0-23.59;
  • ticket prices: depending on the number of people in the group and the order of the excursion 40-100 rubles per person, children under 5 years old – free.

Camel Rock

A unique mountain worth seeing with your own eyes

The shape of the rock on the west side resembles the silhouette of a camel, therefore, due to the similarity with this animal, it received such a name. The rock is 70 m high, but it is not easy to reach it, and special equipment is required to conquer it.

  • address: environs of the village of Dakhovskaya.

Museum “Rock Garden”

Some of the exhibits

The museum is located in a small house with two halls. The first room contains interesting exhibits, while the other sells cards and souvenirs. Leaving the museum, you can walk through the apple orchard to the dolmen, meeting ammonites on your way.

  • address: Adygea, settlement Kamennomostsky, Karl Marx street;
  • working hours: every day 9.00-19.00;
  • ticket prices: 50 rubles with a guided tour.

What to see in Kamennomostsky and the surrounding area on your own?

Going on a trip to Kamennomostsky and its environs by car on your own, you can visit other beautiful places of Adygea. In addition to the objects described above, which, in principle, are already enough for a complete picture of the emotions received, be sure to make a route to the Tulsky village , famous for its thermal springs.

Near Tula is the village of Guamka with the famous gorge of the same name of incredible beauty. There are observation platforms and waterfalls in the gorge, and you can ride along it on a special mountain train.

Fans of extreme rafting are advised to visit the villages of Guzerpil and Khamyshki in order to raft down a mountain river and see other fascinating landscapes.

Cossack (Maiden) stone

Maiden stone, climb better from the back

The object is a huge thirty-five-meter boulder with a small platform on the top, located on the highway between the village of Kamennomostskiy and the village of Dakhovskaya. Climbing up the Maiden Stone, you can contemplate the magnificent surroundings of the village, make excellent photos.

  • address: intersection of the highway between Kamennomostskiy and Dakhovskaya.

The tract “Bogatyrskaya glade”

Our guide to the sights of Kamennomostsky also invites tourists to visit the Bogatyrskaya Polyana tract, located between the channels of the Belaya and Fars rivers. The tract got its name at the end of the nineteenth century. Then the Russian people settled on this territory, whose hands were erected more than five dozen houses from large monolithic slabs. However, there is still no information about the exact purpose of the constructed dolmens.

  • address: village Dakhovskaya.

Azish cave

Azish cave

You can enter the Azish cave only with a group and a guide. To descend into the underground kingdom of stalactites, it is recommended to dress warmly, since there will be a descent with a depth of a nine-story building.

  • address: village Dakhovskaya.

Former factory


Driving past the former factory, one gets the impression that this is a castle in the mountains. In fact, the building is an abandoned factory, where lime was once burned. Now this structure is popular with tourists who want to make an unusual photo session.

  • address: village Dakhovskaya.

Lago-Naki plateau

Lagonaki plateau near the village

The road to the mountains from the village of Dakhovskaya leads to the Lago-Naki plateau, which was created by nature itself. Snow lies on the rocks of the plateau almost all year round. When you contemplate it, you get the impression that it is covered with lambs from the sea waves.

  • address: environs of the village of Dakhovskaya.

Complex-museum “Belovodye”

Private museum with amazing excavation sites

“Belovodye” is located on the route from the village of Kamennomostskiy to the Lago-Naki plateau. On its territory there is a hotel, a cafe and an ethno-paleontological museum. The museum collection includes fossilized giant mollusks, a stone chain, and casts of traces of a humanoid creature. The collection is also replenished with icons, national clothes and other ancient household items brought by local residents.

  • address: village Dakhovskaya;
  • ticket prices: 150 rubles.

Valley of the ammonites

Valley with unique stones

This unique natural monument is located in the vicinity of Kamennomostsky, and lovers of antiquity will certainly wish to see it. The valley originates from the Khadzhokh gorge.

Ammonites are cephalopods resembling spiral shells and extinct at the same time as dinosaurs. You can see them in the Belovodye Museum, and in the valley there are only rough stones, in which spirals of shells are hidden under a thick layer.

  • address: pos. Kamennomostskoe.

Bathhouse “Dakhovskaya Sloboda”

Recreation center with a bath

Excursions in Kamennomostsky delight vacationers with an abundance of stunning natural attractions, a pleasant and useful addition to which will also be a visit to the bathhouse. After all, the adoption of bath procedures has long been very popular among the Russian people. Taking a steam bath in a Russian bath is not only good for the body, but also for the soul.

The complex consists of two rooms: one with a cold hot tub for 10 people, and the other without a hot tub for 6 people.

  • address: Stanitsa Dakhovskaya, Mira str., 26A;
  • working hours: booking from 9.00 to 21.00.

The village of Kamennomostsky and sights with photos and descriptions are widely represented on the Internet, so you can virtually get acquainted with them at any time, but you should watch a video review of amazing places right now.

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