Attractions Guzeripl (Adygea) – how to get and what to see

In this material, we have collected the best 12 attractions of Guzeripl in Adygea with photos and descriptions, learned how to get to the village and what to see in the vicinity on our own. We definitely advise you to watch the video review at the end of the article and plot an independent route along the map with the location of all objects.

The Adyghe village attracts the attention of tourists with its picturesque, mountainous landscapes. The natural attractions of Guzeripl do not leave anyone indifferent, you want to come back here again and again to once again enjoy the local beauty and feel the unity with nature.

Rope park in Guzeripl

Rope park

The attraction is part of the reserve. There are 5 routes of varying difficulty equipped.

It is a suitable place to visit with children. Young travelers pass obstacles at a height of 1.5 meters, accompanied by specialists. And the most desperate guests choose the road located at a height of 6 meters.

Those who love to tickle their nerves go for a ride on a swing, which is equipped right on the rocks. This is a dangerous adventure, not suitable for tourists with children.

  • Address: Caucasian Biosphere Reserve named after Kh. Shaposhnikov.
  • Opening hours: from 10 am to 5 pm.
  • Ticket price: depends on the chosen route, expensive is the ticket for passing the path that stretches over the river. The price is about 1,500 rubles.
  • Official site: detailed information about the place can be found on the site of the reserve:

Dolmens of Guzeripl

Natural places

Archaeological site. Located in the protected area. The object is striking in its impressive size:

  • height – 2 meters;
  • wall thickness – 0.6 meters.

The round hole is right next to the ground.

Scientists claim that the construction began 5 centuries ago, but the work remained unfinished.

There is a legend that the giant people built it. It is easy to believe in this version, it is unlikely that such boulders could be turned by ordinary people without special equipment.

  • Address: Caucasian Biosphere Reserve named after H. Shaposhnikov
  • Opening hours: from 9 am to 6 pm.
  • Ticket prices: 300 rubles. The price includes visits to all objects located in the protected area.
  • Official website:

Large and small observation platforms of Guzeripl

Small plateau with a camp of tourists
Large observation deck

It will be possible to see the village of Guzeripl from the height from the observation platforms equipped on the mountain peaks.

Note that there are four such points in total. But for beginners who are not used to climbing, we recommend going to Mount Black. The ascent is not so difficult here.

  • The visit is free.

Partisan glade

Partisan glade

During the Second World War, a partisan detachment formed a base here. This is a historical monument, a memory of tragic events, a reproach to those who unleashed a bloody war. Views of the surroundings open from here. The partisan glade in Lago-Naki is popular with tourists. But it was not always so. The object attracted the interest of travelers only after a tourist base was opened here. Now it is also a staging post for those moving towards the Stone Sea Ridge.

A photo of the Partisan glade in Guzeripl confirms that this place is worth a visit.

  • Address : western direction, 15 km from the village.

Yavorovaya glade

Yavorovaya glade

It got its name from its abundant vegetation. A rare species of sycamore maple grows here. From here you will also be able to view the area from a height. Serves as a transshipment point.

Advice! Combine a visit to Yavorovaya Polyana in Guzeripl with a tour of the previous attraction. It is located just 6 km from the former partisan base (10 minutes by car). This will save energy and help to compose the maximum number of attractions of Adygea, where you can visit in one day.

Old railway, Zhelobnaya river and waterfall

River Zhelobnaya
Waterfall along the trail

The village of Guzeripl is famous for places that have become a reminder of the past of the settlement. Once there was a prison camp. Wood was melted down the remaining section of the railway.

The facility is located in a picturesque area. The river Zhelobnaya flows nearby, and streams of waterfalls immediately fall with a roar.

  • Address: right bank of the Zhelobnaya river.

Museum of nature of the Caucasian reserve

Museum entrance

The reserve in Guzeripl is an object of close attention of tourists. The museum on the territory of the protected area was opened in the middle of the last century. The collections tell about the flora and fauna of the region.

  • Address: Guzeripl village, Guzeripl cordon.
  • Opening hours: 9 am to 5 pm
  • Ticket price: 300 rubles – for adults, 200 – for children.
  • Official website:

Local travel agencies offer their services with the possibility of ordering an individual guided tour of the reserve. Especially among tourists, programs for 2-3 with an overnight stay in a tent are used.

Belaya River Gorge

Here you can appreciate all the beauty of the region. Beech and fir grow along the banks of the river. Human hands have not yet reached this place: nature is untouched.

A suitable option to get to the place would be participation in rafting. The hikes are organized by a club in the village. Suitable even for beginners, serious preparation skills are not required.

An independent visit is suitable for those tourists who want to save money. In this case, you will be able to admire the picturesque place for free, at any time of the day.

Guzeripl pass


To get here, you need special equipment. Untrained tourists will have a hard time: the height of the pass is more than 2 kilometers. Moreover, it is necessary to enroll in a special group. You will not be able to visit this object on your own.

  • Address: Oshten and nameless rocks


Lagonaki plateau near the village

A mountain plateau, unique in its beauty. People come here to take pictures for memory. The object is also known among climbers, cavers, rock climbers.

On the territory there are clubs and schools specializing in mountain sports.

Mount Fisht

Mount Fisht in October

The sights of Guzeripl in Adygea include the mountain peak Fisht. All guests of the region wish to climb the mountain. To do this, you need to enroll in a special group.

Independent tourists have paved the trail. If you follow it, you will be able to visit low elevations, like Mount Blam, which looks more like a hill.

Sights of Guzeripl with photos and descriptions will surely convince every traveler that visiting this place is definitely worth a visit. The beauty of the region will be remembered for a long time. But there are also such objects that are better to inspect when traveling by car.

What to see in the vicinity of Guzeripl?

Now that we have figured out what to see in Guzeriple, it remains to find out about the sights located in the vicinity. It is better to get there by car. So, the guest of the region will not be tied to time and will examine everything that interested him in detail.

Lake Psenodah

Tent camp by the lake

The pond resembles a crescent in shape. The beauty of the place is mesmerizing. The lake is considered karst, its age is difficult to determine.

If you are interested in how to get to Lake Psenodah, then get ready for difficulties. The natural landmark is located 20 kilometers from Guzeripl.

  • Address: Lago-Naki.

Sahrai waterfalls

Sahrai waterfalls

If you go down the Sahrai stream, you will meet numerous waterfalls. This picturesque place is a good option for photography. Every guest of Adygea dreams of visiting this place.

But travelers here are attracted by the preserved ancient buildings. They are scattered throughout the area. Historians call the date of foundation the 2nd century BC.

Previously, this place was the location of the settlements of ancient people.

  • Address: Novoprokhladny settlement.
  • You can visit the facilities at any convenient time.

Hajokh Gorge and Rufabgo Falls

Khadzhokh gorge
Rufabgo Falls

Tourists traveling by car will enjoy visiting the famous Adyghe sights of the Khadzhokh gorge and the Rufabgo waterfalls.

Fights were fought here during the Russian-Caucasian War of the 19th century. Places remember the tragic events. People come here not only to admire the local beauty, but also to honor the memory of the fallen soldiers.

The length of the section is half a kilometer.

Important! You won’t be able to visit the place in spring, during floods: the river overflows and you can only admire the gorge from afar.

The Meshoko gorge is located nearby. Numerous grottoes and waterfalls are called the adornment of a natural attraction. If you are traveling by car, getting to the place will not be difficult.

The village itself is also interesting, we definitely advise you to visit it. It is often called the pearl of the region.

  • Address: Maykop district, Kamennomostsky village, Adygea
  • The entrance is paid, the price depends on the season.

But the waterfalls can be viewed for free. Rufabgo Gorge is beautiful. Beeches grow everywhere and streams ring. There are 10 waterfalls, three of them can only be viewed by trained tourists. Getting to the water cascades is not easy. The rest of the falls are accessible.

Great Azish cave

Azish cave
Rope park for active tourists

The object was opened at the beginning of the last century. If the tourist is familiar with the area and knows where Guzeripl is, there will be no problems with the road. As a last resort, use the navigator. But you have to go to the very border of Adygea with the Krasnodar Territory. But the impressions will last a lifetime.

The caves are a visited, tourist place. The plots are equipped with handrails and decks. People come here to see clusters of stalactites and stalagmites. Guests are allowed to explore 5 rooms.

At 50 meters there is the Malaya Azishskaya cave, combine a visit.

Guzeripl attractions map


How to get to Guzeripl?

There are several ways to get to Adygea on your own, we will consider Moscow as the starting point.

Car . We leave for the E50 / M29 highway, continue driving for about 16 hours, if you make 3-4 stops along the way, you can get to Guzerilil in 18 hours, the distance according to the navigator is 1485 km. The average amount of gasoline is 110 liters, gasoline prices are growing by leaps and bounds, so we will not indicate them.

Bus . There is no direct connection, you will have to go through Kamennomostsky or Maikop (139 km), we buy tickets at the bus station without problems and queues.

Flights . The best way is to fly to the airport of Krasnodar, it is cheaper to buy air tickets through Aviasales, choose the desired departure city and date, and service searches for the cheapest tickets.

After arriving at the airport, we order a taxi or catch a private trader near the exit, there are plenty of them here, you can safely negotiate the price and shoot down. Even cheaper (but in time you can lose a day) you can leave the bus station in Krasnodar by bus (flight Krasnodar-Maykop), the travel time to Maykop is 3 hours. In the capital, we change to a flight to Guzeripl, the journey time is 1 hour. 40 minutes.

There are few flights from Maikop to Guzeripl (1-2 flights, but there are private traders who charge a decent amount), so estimate your time and effort in advance.

Train . From Moscow, from the Kazansky railway station or any city in the Russian Federation, you can get to the railway station of Krasnodar or Belorechensk. From Krasnodar we change to a bus according to the already known trip scheme described above. From Belorechensk we change to an electric train and go to the Khadzhokh station (Kamennomostsky settlement). Further, we have to overcome 47 km, take a bus or catch a private trader.

Where to stay in the village? (do not touch the item)

It will not be difficult to stay in Guzeripl for a night or a longer period in the private sector, you can book proven places in advance through Booking , so it will be calmer and more profitable.

At a cost, hotels charge an average of 2,550 rubles per day, private accommodation can be found for 1,800 rubles, but the conditions are worse, and the reviews of tourists are negative.

  • We advise you to consider for recreation the Lago-Naki camp site , a good guest house Legend of the Mountains , and a little more expensive Mountain Village .


Photos of Guzeripl’s sights clearly prove that this region cannot be excluded from the program of acquaintance with the beauties of our country. Adygea is a sunny corner full of natural attractions, one of the most beautiful corners of Russia. Do not miss the opportunity to learn more about the traditions and customs of the local people. These lands are rich in legends and tradition.

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