Attractions of Biysk, where you must go

The TRIPPO project continues its journey across Russia and this time has selected the TOP – 18 sights of Biysk and the surrounding area, which are definitely worth a visit. We learned what to see from beautiful places in the first place, what interesting objects to visit with children, and where to take a walk in the evening. We also selected the best restaurants in the city where you can sit in a cozy atmosphere, made a map of the location of objects for self-planning the route, and gave advice on how to get to the city.

This ancient Altai city, founded by Peter the Great, became the golden gate of Gorny Altai during its more than three-century history. Through it, all roads run to the neighboring ones: Kazakhstan and Mongolia. It became the first city in the south of Siberia where Russian merchants were based. Therefore, there is rich architecture, many historical sites and sights, which the city is famous for. During the Soviet era, Biysk began to actively develop as a scientific center and received the status of “Science City”.

Today Biysk can also be called the center of tourism in the Altai Territory. The city offers its guests a variety of excursion programs that reveal all the sights of Biysk in the Altai Territory. We also offer you interesting places where you can go in Biysk.

Assumption Cathedral

Assumption Cathedral

It is the hallmark of the city due to its unique architecture and interior paintings. In the days of Bolshevism, it did not escape the fate of becoming a warehouse, as was the case with many churches. After the war, the temple began to be restored little by little, and today it sparkles with its grandeur. It contains the famous icon of the Tikhvin Mother of God, as well as icons of past centuries brought from Athos.

  • address: st. Soviet, 13
  • open daily from 7 am to 7 pm.
  • phone: + 7-3854-33-78-77
  • website:

Museum of the History of the Altai Spiritual Mission

Museum of the History of the Altai Spiritual Mission

The exposition of the museum is represented by rare church exhibits: icons and books of the 17-20 centuries, copper casting, calendars, postcards, photographs and other items of church paraphernalia.

  • address: st. Irkutskaya, 1
  • working hours: Tue from 10 am to 5 pm, Sat-Sun from 10 am to 4 pm.
  • phone: + 7-3854-33-23-28
  • excursion – 100-150 rubles.

Museum of local lore

Museum of local lore

Here are collected all the sights of Biysk, photos with names and descriptions, archaeological finds, a collection of carved wooden decorations of city and rural houses, exhibits of amazing nature and history of Gorny Altai.

  • address: st. Lenin, 134
  • working hours: from 10 to 17. Day off – Mon, Tue.
  • phone: + 7-3854-33-75-47
  • tickets: adult – 60 rubles, children – 20 rubles.
  • website:



This is one of the interesting places that you can see in Biysk with children or the whole family. The planetarium has unique equipment used to train the astronauts of the Star City. The premises of the planetarium are painted on the theme of the starry sky, astronautics. Windows – with stained glass windows of galaxies, spaceships. Young astronomers successfully comprehend the basics of astronomy here.

  • address: st. Socialist, 2/1
  • working hours: Mon-Fri from 9 to 17 hours.
  • phone: + 7-3854-30-19-61
  • tickets: adult – 130 rubles, children – 70 rubles.

Museum of Cosmonautics. G.S. Titova

Space Museum

This museum of a comprehensively talented rural teacher, who was also a composer, singer, artist, who later became a hero-cosmonaut, is inscribed in the sights of the city of Biysk. The exhibition includes personal belongings of G.S. Titov, his awards, attributes associated with the life of an astronaut in space.

  • address: Kosikhinsky district, s. Polkovnikovo, st. Shkolnaya, 3a
  • working hours: in winter Wed-Sun, from 9 am to 5 pm, from May to September, seven days a week
  • phone: + 7-3853-12-36-80
  • tickets: adult – 130 rubles, children – 70 rubles.

Memorial Museum-Reserve of V.M. Shukshina

V. M. Shukshin Museum

Consists of 3 buildings: the house where the actor and writer was born, his school and the estate he bought for his mother. The exposition contains all the materials associated with his name. Nearby is Mount Piket, where the “Shukshin Readings” are held annually in July.

  • address: s. Srostki, st. Soviet, 86
  • working hours: from 9 to 17 hours. (October-April – Mon-Fri, May-September – Wed-Sun)
  • phone: + 7-3854-76-13-50
  • website:
  • tickets: adult – 130 rubles, children – 70 rubles.

St. Makaryevsky baptismal church

St. Makaryevsky baptismal church

Built in 2014 in honor of Archimandrite Macarius, famous for translating the Bible into Russian. The sacrament of baptism is held daily in the church, believers gather, and divine services are held.

  • address: st. Ilya Mukhachev, 228B
  • phone: + 7-3854-33-23-28
  • working hours: daily from 9 to 13 hours.

Clock Museum

Clock Museum

Another place to see in Biysk. Here are collected examples of watches of the 19-21 centuries, mechanisms of world manufacturers, original models, as well as all models of watches produced in the USSR are presented.

  • address: per. Muromtsevsky, 9
  • working hours: Mon-Sat from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • phone: + 7-3854-33-12-46

Museum of Weddings, Family and Childhood

Wedding Museum

This is a museum where everyone will be interested in going in Biysk. Here you will learn about wedding etiquette, wedding traditions, the meaning of the wedding ceremony, house building.

  • address: st. Petrova, 4a
  • phone: + 7-905-980-20-83
  • working hours: Tue-Sat from 9 am to 5.30 pm.

Chuysky tract museum

Chuysky tract museum

The only museum dedicated simply to the road. Indeed, thanks to the Chuysky tract, the God-forgotten land has become a developed region. There is also a collection of minerals that were collected from different parts of the tract, photos of famous people who traveled along this road.

  • address: st. Soviet, 42
  • working hours: Wed-Sun from 10 am to 5 pm.
  • phone: + 7-3854-32-68-08
  • tickets: children – 20 rubles. adult – 60 rubles.

Temple of Dmitry Rostovsky

Temple of Dmitry Rostovsky

The temple, erected at the end of the 19th century, underwent many changes: it burned down, was rebuilt, served as a warehouse, a soldiers’ club, and a stable. It contains an icon of Metropolitan Dmitry of Rostov with his relics, as well as a list of Panteleimon the healer, created by the hands of the Athonite monks.

  • address: st. Ilya Mukhachev, 230/3
  • working hours: daily from 7 to 19 hours.
  • phone: + 7-3854-33-2-28

Fact ! Many tourists come to purposefully see the monument to Lenin. You will ask why? This is one of the three monuments where Lenin is wearing a hat with earflaps, you will not see this anywhere else in Russia.

Museum of the History of Postwar Biysk Development

Museum of the history of the city’s development

Here are collected the sights of Biysk with photos and descriptions during the war years and after it. You will learn how the city developed, enterprises appeared that became world famous.

  • address: st. Gorno-Altayskaya, 56
  • working hours: Tue-Wed from 10 am to 12 noon.
  • phone: + 7-3854-44-98-01

Museum of Warriors-Internationalists

Museum of Warriors-Internationalists

Created by participants in the hostilities in Afghanistan and who fought in the North Caucasus. The exposition includes battle banners, personal belongings, books, albums, documents. Tours here are free, the museum is supported by public organizations.

  • address: st. Lenin, 109
  • working hours: daily from 9 to 16 hours.
  • phone: + 7-3854-32-94-52

Wall of the royal dynasty of the Romanovs

Wall of the Romanov dynasty

This sculptural composition was created in 2018 and is dedicated to the innocently murdered family of the emperor. Together with family members, there are also the statues of Alexander II, who was killed by revolutionary terrorists.

  • address: Alexander Park

Trading house of merchant Ignatiev

Trading house of merchant Ignatiev

A merchant’s house built in the Art Nouveau style. Very beautiful, despite the changed original appearance. It adorns with high arched windows, wall openwork decorations. It belonged to the merchant-merchant Iona Ignatiev. Now it houses government organizations and a cafe popular among local residents and guests of the city.

  • address: st. Soviet, 4a

Advice! For lovers of outdoor activities, we definitely recommend an interesting excursion from Gorno-Altaysk for two days with a rich program of visiting lakes, unexplored paths, gardens, and other beautiful places.

Theatre of Drama

Performance at the Drum Theater

It dates back to 1887, when the premiere of the performance took place. Today the theater lives a full life, performances for both adults and children are held here. The repertoire includes classics, comedies, musical performances.

  • address: st. Soviet, 25
  • working hours: Sat-Sun from 17:00.
  • phone: + 7-3854-33-76-51
  • website:
  • ticket price: from 200 rubles.

Biysk fortress

Biysk fortress

An object from the category that is interesting in Biysk. It is a truly attractive 18th century site that served as a watch line and defensive structure. Two cannons have been preserved here, which were cast at the famous factories of the Demidov merchants. A wonderful historical object against which the photos are very colorful.

  • address: Telegrafny lane

Train Station

Railway station of the city

The modern building is distinguished by its architectural style and color scheme, and looks more like an entertainment center for children. An old black steam locomotive was installed on the square near the station in memory of those who built the Siberian railway.

  • address: square named after Shukshin, 9.

Where to eat deliciously in the city?

We advise you to visit three cozy places of the city after walking and spend the rest of the evening here, our rating for readers:

  • Kalina Krasnaya restaurant on the street. Leo Tolstoy 164, an institution in the Russian style and original serving of dishes, we advise you to definitely order soups and meat. The average check is 1,700 rubles. Tel. +7 385 433-77-92.
  • Happy Land restaurant on the street. Ilya Mukhachev 200, suitable for tourists with children or adults who like to play bowling, there is a playroom for the child. The average bill is 1500 rubles, we especially recommend ordering rolls and delicious coffee. Tel. for communication +7 385 455-50-99.
  • The Old Fortress restaurant is located on the street. Soviet 1. Especially famous for its cozy interior and location in the city center, if you come here in the summer, then take a table on the street overlooking the Biya River, have a great time. The average check is 1900 rubles. Tel. +7 385 435-62-54.

What to see in Biysk in one day?

Having got to Biysk for 1 day, of course, the question arises, what to visit in Biysk first of all? We recommend starting from the Old Town . This is the historical center of Biysk with old mansions, merchant houses with various architectural styles. The most popular museums and the most famous sights are located on the territory of the Old Town.

  1. Start your route from st. Soviet , and you will immediately understand what is interesting in Biysk. This street is rich in rare mansions; most of the monuments of architectural, historical and cultural monuments are located here, all excursion routes around the city start from here.
  2. One of the interesting routes for you will be a trip on the Biysk tram . Here he is famous for the fact that his route is replete with difficult climbs, very steep descents and turns. The emotions of tourists after riding a tram are comparable to riding a roller coaster.
  3. After such an emotional ride on the tram, you can relax in the city park – the best place for a family vacation. No one will be bored here: there are many attractions for children and adults, you can rent roller skates and a bicycle, visit a cafe.
  4. And in the evening we offer you a pleasant time in the meat restaurant ” On the old place “. Here they themselves cook cheeses, smoke meat and fish, make sausages, sauerkraut, bake bread. The menu includes marbled beef steaks, pork shank, trout, barbecue and many other delicacies. The grill, by the way, is located right in the hall. For children there is a special menu “For the most important persons”.
The city park will be a personal place for walking with children and having fun

How to get to Biysk from Moscow?

  • By plane

In terms of travel, the cheapest option is to travel by plane. The cost of tickets is comparable to that of trains, the flight time is only 4 hours, versus two days by train. The price calendar will help to buy inexpensive air tickets, which shows not only the best options, but also allows you to analyze neighboring dates, so you can significantly save money.

The best way is to take tickets to Gorno-Altaysk, the distance is only 92 km. Upon arrival, we take a bus from the bus station and after 2 hours you will be there.

  • By train

It is better to buy train tickets in advance, the train runs in the direction every two days. The cost ranges from 3200 to 9700 rubles, depending on the class.

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