Beautiful sights of Stary Oskol

In this material for our tourist, we have selected the most interesting and beautiful sights of Stary Oskol with photos and descriptions that are worth visiting, regardless of age and preferences. We made a walking route and found out what to see in one day would be the most promising. We found great places to spend the evening in a cozy atmosphere and good hotels for relaxation.

Stary Oskol is a cozy town in the central part of Russia, the ancient architecture of which is successfully combined with modern industrial buildings. Sightseeing in Stary Oskol (Belgorod region) will certainly be appreciated by experienced travelers. It attracts tourists with its rich historical heritage, clean and well-groomed old streets. Let’s further note what you can see in Stary Oskol.

Military Glory Park

Military Glory Park

Calm and uncrowded area, surrounded by green trees. An eternal flame is constantly burning in the park, a border post and memorial plates are installed on which the names of the brave defenders of the city are written.

  • address: st. Proletarian.

Victory Square

Victory Square

with the Alley of Heroes, a monument to Marshal Zhukov and a Soviet soldier, which was opened in 2014. We recommend visiting it for vacationers of any age.

Monument to the Founders of Stary Oskol

Monument to the founders of the city

was created by the sculptor Anatoly Shishkov, and its author is Ilga Gondareva. It is dedicated to the founders of the city: Solntsev-Zasekin, Nechaev, Myasnoy and was installed in 2009. The sculpture is striking in its realism, is distinguished by elaborate details, fits perfectly into the atmosphere and appearance of the city.

  • address: st. Lenin, 12/12.

Monument “Swing”

Monument “Swing”

Those who are interested in the monuments of Stary Oskol will certainly wish to see the Swing. The composition is distinguished by its original performance, personifies the difficult post-war period and is dedicated to children whose childhood fell on this difficult period.

  • address: Molodezhny prospect.

Ascension Church

Ascension Church

The church opened the doors for believers to the millennium of the baptism of Rus in 1988. Before that, the temple was inaccessible since 1961, but it was built in 1882. The object has perfectly preserved its appearance, despite its venerable age.

  • address: Mira street, 28.

Holy Cross Church

Holy Cross Church

Since 1805, the foundation of the temple, for the construction of which the funds of believers were used, services have been continuously held in it. The church is distinguished by its classic performance, typical for central Russia. The bright painting of the facade of the building looks festive, creates a mood and harmoniously merges into the surrounding landscape.

  • address: st. Z. Kosmodemyanskaya, 13.

Elias Church

Elias Church

The temple has preserved its original wooden iconostasis, and in 1995 it was recognized as an architectural monument. From the very beginning of construction in 1872, it has been open to visitors.

  • address: Khmeleva st., 1.

Nevsky Cathedral

Nevsky Cathedral

When visiting Stary Oskol, sights and beautiful places, you should definitely see the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, founded in 1903. In 1932 it was closed, and the service was resumed in 1945. The appearance of the temple is quite attractive, it is distinguished by a festive unusual decoration.

  • address: st. Tokarev, 4/1.

Museum of local lore

Museum of local lore

The sights of Stary Oskol with photos and descriptions also contain information about the Stary Oskol Museum of Local Lore, which belongs to the city’s historical heritage. Museum halls will delight guests with works of local artists, as well as collections of Dymkovo, Kursk and other folk schools.

  • address: st. Lenin, 50.

House of the merchant Diaghilev

Diaghilev’s house

is a massive structure. In 1917, it was decided to establish Soviet power in this house. The building is U-shaped. Initially it was two-storey, but in the post-war period one more storey was added.

  • address: st. Lenin, 84.

House-Museum of V.Ya. Eroshenko

House-Museum of V.Ya. Eroshenko

The house-museum displays more than a thousand original exhibits that were the property of the great genius. Eroshenko was blind from childhood, but despite this, he learned a dozen languages, became a teacher, children’s classic, writer, professor at Tokyo and Peking University. In the courtyard of the estate, on the territory of which the building is located, you can also see an old oak tree more than four hundred years old.

  • address: s. Obukhovka, st. Eroshenko, 15;
  • working hours: Tuesday-Sunday from 9.00 to 18.00; day off Monday;
  • official website:

Stary Oskolsky Zoo

City zoo

is a favorite vacation spot for parents with children who want to see beautiful places in Stary Oskol and get acquainted with the amazing world of plants and animals. It has been operating since 2008 and is surrounded by picturesque landscapes. The nine hectares of the zoo are home to one and a half thousand birds, more than 80 species of animals and more than 20 species of pheasants. Pheasants are the most revered here, since before the opening of the zoo, a farm for breeding them was located on this territory.

  • address: Chumaki farm;
  • working hours: in summer 10.00-19.00, cash desk until 18.00, in winter 10.00-18.00;
  • ticket prices: adults – 200 rubles, children – 50 rubles.
  • official website:

Arboretum in Stary Oskol


The Stary Oskol Arboretum is a natural museum that has existed since 1975. It was abandoned in the nineties, but revived in 2009. The park has over seventy trees, shrubs, more than sixty plants and flowers, some of which are exotic. A peaceful atmosphere reigns in the arboretum and absolutely everything is conducive to a calm rest. An eight-hundred-meter ecological trail called “The Eighth Wonder of the World” has been laid here.

  • address: Lesnaya st.

Ataman forest

Ataman forest

famous for the Memorial Complex, which is a sacred place for every citizen. An eternal flame burns continuously here, the remains of two thousand Soviet soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the name of victory are buried. The memorial is a fifteen-meter stella and two 25-meter concrete pylons, ending with the Order of the Patriotic War. There are memorial plaques in front of them, on which the names of the heroes are immortalized.

  • address: Komsomolsky prospect.

Stoilensky Combine

Quarries of the Stoilensky Combine

What to see in Stary Oskol from the interesting? The city, in addition to its architectural heritage, is also famous for its developed industry and the Stoilensky mining and processing plant. It belongs to important state facilities, interests metallurgists, builders and other caring people. The plant is striking in its enormous size.

If you agree in advance with the management of the enterprise, then you will be told a lot of informative information about ferrous metallurgy, shown a deep quarry up to four hundred meters and a three-ton excavator.

  • address: pl. Factory, 4 passage.

What sights of Stary Oskol to see in one day?

Where to go for a walk in Stary Oskol? The city is conventionally represented by three districts: Central – historical, South-West , North-East .

All the most popular historical places are concentrated in the center, from where we recommend starting your acquaintance. In the Central District there are monuments, merchant houses, one day will be enough to see them. The churches are located on the southwest side. Those wishing to see other interesting places in Stary Oskol and its environs will need to stay here for a couple more days.

Where to eat deliciously? There are many small restaurants in the city where you can eat deliciously. The DA VINCI restaurant on Molodezhny Prospekt 6A is one of them (you can book a table by phone +7 908 789-85-55). The institution is open until three o’clock in the morning, pleases with excellent cuisine, good service and a pleasant atmosphere. It was chosen by local residents and guests of the city.

  • Entertainment

If you are attracted by entertainment in Stary Oskol, visit the Stary Oskol Theater for Children and Youth, located in the very heart of the city in a two-story red brick building. According to audience reviews, there are many entertaining performances in his repertoire. Children in the theater will not be bored, and ticket prices are quite affordable.

On Druzhby Boulevard there is a small Solnechny Park . Rather, it resembles a square with several benches and a small amount of green spaces, where mothers with strollers walk.

Solnechny Park
  • Sport

Fans of a sports lifestyle will surely pay attention to the Arcada swimming pool located on Molodezhny Prospekt. The pool has swimming lanes and a spacious jacuzzi. The complex also has a skating rink, hammam, sauna. Those wishing to have a bite can visit the cozy cafe. All services are provided at the highest level, so the sports facility does not suffer from a lack of customers.

Who likes to play sports in the open air, welcome to the free for visiting stadium “Promagro” on Molodezhny Prospekt. For such a small town, it has an impressive size and attracts attention from a distance with its bright stands. Competitions and entertainment events are often held here. The residents and guests of the city can play tennis, roller-skate, go jogging or do other exercises in the stadium.

  • Beautiful places of the city

Do you want to choose beautiful places in Stary Oskol for a photo shoot? Although the city is quite small for photography, we advise you to choose the Starooskolsky arboretum , the Oskol river embankment , from the Pushkin square in the Korolev microdistrict or the square near the Byl cinema in the Zhukov microdistrict, a meadow near the Ublya river , a monument in the Atamansky forest , etc.

What to see in New Falcon?

Have you already seen all the remarkable places of the city? Pay attention to the sights of Novy Oskol. Of course, there are not so many of them as in the historical zone, but they are no less significant and will be of interest to any age of the traveler. For example, a bronze monument to the Russian Tsar Alexei Romanov in the classical design located on the Central Square .

Memorial of Military Glory – a sculpture of a soldier with a machine gun on Revolution Square was erected in memory of those killed in a terrible war.

Religious tourists will certainly wish to visit the ancient Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary , which is distinguished by its black domes. A bell tower with bells was erected near the temple in the middle of the last century. It was built in 1803, closed in the 1930s, and reopened only in 1965.

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