Holidays in Sochi in December 2021 – hotels with meals, things to do, prices

If you decide to arrange an inexpensive vacation in Sochi in December 2021, then be sure to study our material, which will help you plan your trip to the Black Sea in winter on a budget. You will find out what the temperature of the water and air is, how to dress, how much money to take with you for food and other expenses. What excursions are worth taking with fascinating guides, what hotels with a swimming pool and all-inclusive meals are waiting for tourists.

The resorts of different countries are called to go on vacation in the last month of the year. But there is a subtlety – the rest in Sochi in December is also attractive. You just need to understand correctly where to go, and what an ordinary tourist can expect in the winter season.

Weather in Sochi in December, water and air temperature

  • Water temperature

According to this indicator, the situation causes only sadness. The water is only warmed up to 12 degrees in the warmest moments. Even those who are professionally engaged in winter swimming are advised to exercise maximum caution for several years. Bathing can easily end up with serious health problems or even tragedy.

It is theoretically possible to swim , but for 1000 daredevils on the Adler coast, we found only one, and then, in a state of euphoria from strong drinks.
  • Air temperature

On average, air masses warm up to 5 – 8 degrees at night , and with the onset of daylight hours – up to 10 – 12 degrees . The atmosphere is guaranteed to be more pleasant than in Moscow, St. Petersburg, even in Kazan and Voronezh. Affected by the subtropical climatic regime and the proximity of a large reservoir connected to the Mediterranean Sea. The sun shines about 15 out of 31 December days. 5-6 days falls on a cloudy season, which is more pleasant than in the Russian capital. The amount of precipitation exceeds 100 millimeters.

And in reviews of the rest in Sochi in December, they consistently mention the need to wear warm waterproof clothing. The wind is not strong (usually up to 3 meters per second, on single days it increases up to 5 – 7 meters).

In Krasnaya Polyana during the day the air warms up to 4 – 7 degrees, at night it cools down to zero. Precipitation is frequent, in the form of wet snow; by the end of the month, the snow cover already covers the main part of the mountains.

How to dress for a walk ? The first half of December will be warm, during the day you can easily walk in an insulated jacket, in the evening you can put on a hat. The second half of December is already cooler, in the evening you can wear a down jacket with a water-repellent effect (it often snows).

Where to relax in Sochi in December?

Beach resorts

On this point, the story is short. It will not be possible to spend time fun and pleasantly on the coastal strip, especially at the end of the month, when the winds are constantly blowing.

Shopping and excursions

Since visiting the shores is impractical, alternatives must be sought. One of them can be knowledge of where to go with children in Sochi on excursions in winter. Visiting Krasnaya Polyana and Rosa Khutor as an excursion. Inspection of the trails known in the sports world and the foot of the ski resort inspires and sets you in a victorious mood. Even when there is an excursion with a group, there is enough time to get acquainted with the beauties and to taste local products, there is enough food.

A sightseeing walk through the territory of Sochi from Adler may turn out to be a pleasant novelty . The program starts from the inimitable spirit of the Matsesta area. There will be an inspection of Akhun, Sochi sea station, Riviera Park and a number of other attractive places.

When figuring out where to go to rest in Sochi in winter with children, we advise you to set aside time for shopping. The Alexandria shopping center , built for the Olympic Games, rises 14 floors. They sell cosmetics and perfumes, and there is a local glass-blowing workshop. The Melodiya shopping center will also attract the attention of shopping lovers . If you want to buy branded goods at an elite price, you can head to the vicinity of the city seaport. Even if there is no intention to buy something, or the funds have run out, a walk along the coastline will be a pleasure.

What to do in Sochi in December and what to see?

But don’t think that shopping for goods, sightseeing and visiting beaches are the only leisure options in Russia’s leading resort area. A trip to Sochi in December may also involve the use of curative mud and mineral springs. Experts advise to go to the local arboretum and the aquarium . In addition to the main aquarium, another one is available – in New Matsesta. There are collected not only aquatic, but also land inhabitants of warm countries.

Sports fans also know what to do in Sochi in winter – they go to the Olympic Park , where the grounds used for international competitions remain, and the ceremonies for the beginning and end of the 2014 games were held there. The Sochi Park , which is replete with gorgeous attractions, will also delight . The setting in the park has an emphatically fabulous character. The park “Southern Cultures” is being renewed, and soon it will receive a new charm.

Where to visit and what to see in Sochi in winter, we definitely recommend:

  • Mount Akhun,
  • Olympic park,
  • Allocate a day or two for a trip to Krasnaya Polyana,
  • A trip to Abkhazia with an excursion for a day.

Top attractions on the map

For an independent walk through interesting places, we made a map, look at the location of the object and set off.


Holidays in Sochi in December 2021 and prices

Hotels with a pool for winter recreation

  • A striking example of hotels with catering and a swimming pool in Sochi is the Zhemchuzhina Grand Hotel .

The inability to use the beach strip is fully compensated by the presence of a heated pool. The buildings are 19 stories high. The rooms are individually furnished. The premises are equipped with private bathrooms. The hotel complex is ready to provide guests with aerobics and other gymnastics classes. Water slides are prepared for children. In addition to restaurants, hotel terraces are also used for serving European, Caucasian and local Kuban dishes. The road to the embankment will take up to 5 minutes maximum. If the answer to where to rest in Sochi in December, tourists answer – in “Pearl” – they will have to pay for one traveler within 7 days when staying in an apartment – 42 thousand rubles.

  • Wellness & Spa hotel can be a good alternative .

This hotel offers air-conditioned rooms with flat-screen TVs and private bathrooms. Every morning the administration takes care of serving a breakfast buffet for the guests. Therefore, spending time here in Sochi in December will be an excellent idea for both individual travelers and families or other groups. Provides for the provision of a game of Russian billiards, and this part of the city invariably attracts tourists. The minimum payment for 7 days is 58800 rubles.

  • Another good place for our tourists is the Radisson Lazurnaya hotel, where rates for vacationers during the week start at 35,000 rubles.

For this amount, they will provide an apartment with a bedroom, which partly explains the recommendations of this place in the list of establishments where to go to Sochi in December to relax rationally and correctly. There are personalized rooms and a breakfast buffet in the morning. The hotel concept implies a balance between the interests of the business sector and those who come for active leisure activities.

  • And for 45,500 rubles, 1 adult traveler can spend 7 days in the luxury rooms of the Zolotoy Kolos sanatorium .

From that resort hotel it will take 10 minutes to get to the arboretum and to other attractions of interest to people on the eve of the New Year holidays. The design of the rooms was clearly based on an impeccable classic design concept. It takes 5 minutes by car to get to the railway station.

Prices in Sochi for food and meals

When calculating the cost of recreation in Greater Sochi in December, one cannot ignore the costs of purchasing food and meals outside hotel complexes. A prominent Russian resort can hardly be called a cheap city even in comparison with Western European tourism centers. A good lunch in the dining room is offered for 200 – 300 rubles. When visiting a budget-class cafe, you need to focus on an average check of 400 rubles. In restaurants of the mass category (slightly lower than the “star” category) they charge 1,500 – 2,000 rubles for a lunch without alcohol. But outside the beach season, the difference in pay between coastal and far-reaching establishments is erased.

By purchasing products in the store, you can buy:

  • a dozen eggs for 60 – 70 rubles;
  • a kilogram of meat for at least 300 – 400 rubles;
  • a kilogram of sugar from 60 rubles;
  • loaf or loaf of bread for 25 – 30 rubles;
  • a kilogram of fish from 150 to 350 rubles;
  • apricots 60 – 80 RUB per kg;
  • apples 50 – 80 RUB per kg.

Prices for tours with meals and a pool

Every year tens of thousands of tourists decide not to tempt fate, but to entrust their pastime to large tour operators. Prices for tours to Krasnaya Polyana in December to the Gorki Gorod hotel , according to the Biblioglobus operator, for apartments with three meals a day start at 46,200 rubles. After settling there, tourists walk 750 meters to the Gornaya Karusel ski lift. An overview of the mountain peaks opens from the hotel pool. Therefore, there is one of the best resorts in Sochi for winter recreation.

A trip to the Magadan sanatorium in the village of Loo will cost 17,770 rubles (including a flight from the Russian capital). There is only 1 indoor pool in operation. Adler ” Adelphia ” will accept 1 guest for 5 nights for 26,600 rubles. The pool is part of the SPA center.

for 3 nights for 7 nights for 11 nights for 14 nights
September RUB 10 197 RUB 12,743 12 367 rub.
October RUB 6,717 RUB 8,991 RUB 11 688 RUB 15 520
November RUB 6,255 RUB 8,439 RUB 11,031 RUB 26,590

Reviews of tourists about the rest in Sochi in winter

Knowing what reviews other people leave about the vacation and the weather makes it easier to plan a trip to this resort. Visitors to the region note that the conditions for winter sports, including skiing, are favorable. You can go on excursions and go shopping only if you use warm clothes. Skiers will be able to eliminate troubles by choosing hotels with artificial snow on the adjacent slopes. This is especially significant in Krasnaya Polyana, where warming is more common.

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