Interesting and beautiful places in Sterlitamak for tourists

In this review, we examined the best sights of Sterlitamak with photos, names and descriptions, which are definitely worth visiting for tourists with children or separately adults. We found exactly what to see in one day is worth everyone who came to the city on vacation, made a map of the location of objects to facilitate an independent route. We found places where you can eat deliciously, picked up really beautiful places for photo shoots and evening walks with a girl.

Sterlitamak is a city in which opposite cultures are harmoniously combined, people of different nationalities live together peacefully. As a result, the policy is characterized as a bright, picturesque settlement full of interesting tourist places. Check out the list of the best attractions in Sterlitamak with photos, names and descriptions.

Museum of History and Local Lore

The collections will tell about the formation of the Bashkir city, its development and features. The foundation was marked out in a historic building built at the beginning of the 20th century.

The expositions represent:

  • collection of semi-precious and ornamental stones;
  • national clothes;
  • exhibits telling about the years of the Second World War;
  • items related to the history of the region.

The fund of the local history museum in Sterlitamak is located on two floors, which speaks of its impressiveness.

  • address: st. Karl Marx, 100;
  • working hours: 10-18 hours; daily, except Sunday and Monday;
  • ticket prices: 70 rubles, discounts apply;
  • official website:

Picture Gallery (Branch of the Nesterov State Art Museum)

A suitable answer to the question, what is interesting in Sterlitamak.

Created recently. Works by local artists are on display. It also organizes cultural events, temporary exhibitions, lectures, meetings with creative people.

  • address: st. Communist, 84;
  • working hours: daily from 10 to 18 hours, Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 18 hours;
  • ticket prices: 150 rubles, excursion support is possible for a fee;
  • official website:

Museum of Stone. I. Skuina

The fund includes about 3 thousand exhibits. They are represented by samples of biohermal limestone. The remains of the prehistoric shark Helicoprion are also kept here.

Important ! The attraction is far from the city. This is the place that is convenient to visit if you are traveling by your own transport. There is also a bus service.

  • address: Ishimbayskiy district, Quarry “Shakhtau-1”.
  • We recommend that you make an appointment by phone: (+7 3473) 29-74-73, 29-91-05.

Sterlitamak State Theater and Concert Association

Created in 1991. Popular with local residents, it is considered the best theater in Bashkiria. An institution where you can go in Sterlitamak with your family.

  • address: Lenin Ave., 30B;
  • opening hours: check the schedule at the box office;
  • ticket prices: depend on the type of performance.

Treasury building

Built at the end of the 19th century. Now a medical school is located here. The style of the building is interesting: the facade is decorated with many decorative elements.

You will find the object by following Sadovaya Street (building 25).

Zemstvo Council building

Refers to interesting places in Sterlitamak. It is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Built before the revolution.

The facade is made using stucco molding, the windows are equipped with cornices, the plaster heads of animals give originality to the structure.

  • Address: st. Karl Marx, 103.

Victory park

The Victory Park in Sterlitamak is considered a significant landmark. It was founded in the post-war years in memory of the fallen soldiers. The decoration of the place is a monument depicting a soldier with a fascist helmet at his feet. The Eternal Flame is not extinguished nearby.

  • Address: Oktyabrya Avenue / Khudaiberdin Street.

Kirov park

Refers to the beautiful places for photo shoots in Sterlitamak. It is always quiet and not crowded here. Only vacationers enjoy the fresh air walking along the alleys.

There is a volleyball court and a fountain.

The object is located in the historical part of the city, there are other attractions nearby.

Park of Culture and Rest named after Yuri Gagarin

The place is suitable for tourists looking for information about where to go with children in Sterlitamak. This is an amusement park. You can also rest here in winter. Indoor entertainment pavilions have been equipped. The pride of the authors of the project is the Galaktika center.

Also, on Wednesdays, master classes and retro-style parties are organized in the park.

  • Address: st. Furmanova, 15

Tatiana Church

Founded by T. Dyakova, in whose honor it is named. The construction was completed in 1905. During the Soviet years a school was located there. As a result, the interiors of the temples were destroyed. The shrine has now been restored.

  • Address: st. Khalturin. 117

Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

Opened in the 80s of the last century. Musical groups rehearse and perform here.

Within the walls of the monastery are kept significant Orthodox relics, including a particle of the stone of the Holy Sepulcher. This is what Sterlitamak is famous for in the Christian world.

Nur-al-Iman mosque

The opening took place in 2007. The shrine was built with funds from local residents and donations from wealthy people. The graceful structure attracts not only Muslims. There are observation platforms on the minarets.

  • Address: st. Latypova, 47

Zhilkin bakery

The first bakery equipped at the beginning of the 20th century by a local businessman. Bakery products were baked even during the war years. Now a workshop has been placed here, in which wool products are made.

  • Address: st. Komsomolskaya, 21

Bayazitov’s shopping arcade

The building, erected at the beginning of the 19th century by the Bayazitovs, was intended for trade. At the end of the last century, some of the buildings collapsed. But a local businessman decided to restore the historical object, the rest of the buildings are still in the plans for restoration.

  • Address: st. Komsomolskaya, 45

Liberation Monument

Installed in honor of the victory over Kolchak. The bas-reliefs are decorated with figures of soldiers and a nurse – Nina Teplova – a real participant in the events.

You will find a monument on the right bank of the Sterli.

The object can be seen in the photo of the city’s sights.

Pharmacy Lebedkov

If a tourist is interested in information about what is interesting in Sterlitamak, pay attention to this attraction.

The building originally belonged to the merchant Popov. After a while, the building was bought by the pharmacist Lebedkov. Medicines were sold here until the 60s of the last century. Then the premises were transferred to the accounting school.

  • Address: st. Karl Marx, 104

Sterlitamak shikhans

Natural monument. Represents hills in the form of cones. The height of the highest elevation reaches 402 meters. The ruins of a women’s prison have been preserved at the foot of the site.

Fossils of prehistoric animals are found here. Paragliding classes are also organized here.

Isheevskie caves, Shikhan Tratau

Located 15 km from the city. The structure includes 6 caves. Here, in the meadow, near the source, vacationers like to gather to enjoy the beauty of nature.

It belongs to the interesting places of Sterlitamak and its environs. Stalactites can be seen inside the caves.

Central city market

Located on Komsomolskaya Street, 5. Tourists love to visit this place. Here you will find souvenirs, rare antiques.

This is a five-story shopping center where you can buy anything you want.

There are cafes downstairs.

Sports center “Sterlitamak-Arena”

Great place to go in Sterlitamak for outdoor enthusiasts.

Equipped with an ice skating rink, concert halls, volleyball and basketball courts.

Sports equipment can be rented. Cost – from 50 rubles.

Important ! People come here to see the performances of foreign and domestic stars. We recommend that you find out about the tour in advance and book tickets.

  • Address: st. Communist, 101

Where to go with children in Sterlitamak?

Travelers are interested in information about where to go in Sterlitamak with children for the development and general strengthening of interest in the history of cities. We recommend taking a closer look at the list of popular and interesting places.

Youth creative center (branch of the city library No. 4)

The institution actually serves as a library. The institution has the status of the best reading room in the republic. The fact is that the team was sympathetic to the problems of young people. Everyone knows that reading is no longer attractive to teenagers. Everything was replaced by the Internet. To increase attendance, to keep children interested in literature, librarians joined forces and created this center. Literary evenings, creative events, exhibitions, tea drinking are organized here. Children of all ages will love it here.

  • Address: st. October, 30.

Important ! The entrance is free. We recommend that you find out about upcoming events on the spot.

Entertainment center “Galaxy”

Located in Yuri Gagarin’s park. The center is well known in the republic. It is a suitable place for a family holiday.

Game and thematic zones are decorated, rides are equipped, there are trampolines and many other entertainments. The rooms of fear and labyrinths are of particular interest to visitors.

  • address: st. Furmanov, 16;
  • working hours: from 10 am to 8 pm, without lunch and days off;
  • ticket price: tickets for attractions are purchased, admission is free.

Sports and entertainment center “TutBatut”

It is located in the City Mall shopping center. Children can jump, run, and have fun here. More than 20 trampolines have been installed for children, including inclined trampolines, a climbing wall, recreation areas and much more.

Special classes are organized with instructors who are responsible for the safety of the child.

  • address: October avenue, 36;
  • ticket price: from 300 rubles;
  • opening hours: from 12 noon to 10 pm.

You can find out detailed information about the institution by phone: +7 (987) 603-16-10

Entertainment center “Arbat”

Also popular with tourists with children. This mall is famous in the city. Parents can safely go shopping while the kids are in special areas and have fun. For them, “dry” pools, slot machines are installed, and a food zone is equipped. More often they come here with young children.

  • address: st. Artem, 96
  • working hours: from 10 to 21 hours, daily;
  • ticket price: depends on the choice of entertainment.

You can clarify the information by calling +7 (987) 627-95-13.

Bowling club “Strike”

It will appeal to middle-aged and older children. There are paths equipped here, there is an opportunity to have a snack. And with the onset of evening, older people gather here.

  • address: st. Karl Marx, 101;
  • opening hours: from 12 noon to 2 am.
  • ticket prices: billiards – from 120 rubles, bowling – from 290 rubles.

Specify information by phone: +7 (3473) 21-67-21

Thus, children in the city will not be bored; there will be entertainment for them in Sterlitamak. Also, don’t forget to walk in the parks, visit local theaters and children’s ice cream parlors.

Where to go with a girl?

The city is often visited by couples in love. In this case, you need to know the places where you can take a walk in the evening and where it will be cozy for two. If the weather is warm, then a walk in city parks would be an excellent option. Here you will be able to have lunch and have fun.

The following restaurants have proven themselves to be excellent:

  • Aristocrat (st. Pugacheva 1, we advise you to book a table in advance by phone +7 347 333-47-33);
  • Amigos (located at 13 Ivleva St., tel. For communication +7 917 040-71-71, average bill 700 rubles);
  • Khan (located on the 24th km of the Beloretsk tract in a quiet and comfortable place, tel. +7 917 770-14-24, average check from 800 rubles);
  • Satori (sushi bar for young people is located on Khudayberdin street 19A, tel +7 3473 25-71-74, average check from 800 rubles).

It is possible to order food at home.

Among the clubs, good reviews from tourists are used by:

  • Synthesis;
  • Heat;
  • Bashkort Dance.

Recommendation : Use social media. Surely, there are people who would like to share their personal experiences about visiting nightclubs in the city.

How to get to Sterlitamak?

  • Fly by plane to Ufa

The easiest way to get there is by plane, from Moscow to fly 2 hours. 10 minutes. From the bus station located at st. Khudaiberdin198, take a bus or minibus to the destination, travel time 1.5 hours.

  • Inexpensive train ride

Cheaper than a plane, but longer. There will be no problems with trains, from all regions you can easily and without much effort to search for tickets. Then we change to a commuter train and reach the city in about 3 hours.

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