What to see in Adygea? places, map and how to get there

What to see in Adygea yourself? We have compiled an overview of interesting sights of Maykop and its surroundings, which you can visit by car or create a route with a guide.

The sights of Adygea are not inferior in charm and grace to Turkey, Transbaikalia, Kamchatka and Africa. The popular opinion about the scarcity of local landscapes will be unconditionally refuted by a person who has seen everything himself and visited truly unique natural sites. Welcome the painting of the attractive places of the mountainous region – that is, the sights of the Republic of Adygea, along which we arranged a trip within the framework of our project.


Lagonaki Valley

The mountain plateau, covered with alpine meadows, occupies a stunning area. Part of the area is administratively part of the Krasnodar Territory. The average height is 2.2 kilometers. The plateau is a glorious hiking trail for ecological hikes. The area is accessible all year round and around the clock, but we advise you to come here in spring or summer, in winter we recommend wearing professional shoes with spikes. Entry and entry by car is free.

It is better to visit the plateau for several days with tents, even by car you can only visit some places in one day. As part of our project, we have taken the object to a separate page, where you can not only plan the route, but also get acquainted with the description and photos.

 TOP places Lagonaki
  • Official website (informational): https://lagonaki.ru/

Mount Fisht

Mount Fisht in October

When asked what to see in Adygea on their own, 80% of the respondents name it. Like the Lago-Naki plateau, the mountain captures part of the Krasnodar Territory. The peak height reaches 2.8 kilometers. There are approaches of varying difficulty to the top. The summit is accessible to travelers without restrictions, except for the weather.

We recommend starting the ascent at 4 in the morning (the approximate time of ascent to the peak is 6 hours), there are trails and mostly already prepared, we pack our backpacks in the evening. Pre-registration is required with the camp supervisor.

It is curious that in the past it was a coral island.

Cathedral Mosque

Cathedral Mosque

Guides among the best sights of the city of Maykop invariably point to an Islamic temple. We definitely recommend visiting it as part of a guided tour of the city’s architectural sites.

  • Address: Sovetskaya Street, 200 (near the Ploschad Druzhby bus stop).
  • Opening hours: daily 8 – 24.
  • Ticket prices: admission is free.
  • Official website: http://dumraikk.ru/3089-2/

The religious building has been operating since 2000. It is the administrative center of the Islamic government of the republic. The construction was financed by a citizen of the United Arab Emirates. The walls of the mosque were made of white stone. The piercing blue domes, minarets are the highlight of the object.

St. Michael’s Athos hermitage

St. Michael’s Athos hermitage
  • Address: Pobeda village, Mount Fiziagbo.
  • Working hours: Every day 9 – 18. Coordination of trips, provision of guides – the prerogative of the monastery and pilgrimage center.
  • Official website: https://touristam.com/svyato-mihaylovskiy-afonskiy-monastyr.html.

The object is the highest operating monastery of the Southern Federal District (920 meters) above sea level. The top of Mount Fiziagbo – 988 m. Republican heritage.

White River Canyon

Speaking about the sights of the Republic of Adygea, it is impossible to get around this place. The width of the Khadzhokh gorge is 7 meters, the length is 400. The paths were made, the railings were installed. The rocks are composed of easily eroded limestone. If you want to take a photo of the beautiful places of Adygea, then this canyon should be number one in the list of visited ones.

Advice : after descending, we recommend visiting the enclosures with animals.

Great Azish cave

Azish cave

For tourists, 30% of the length of the dungeon is available, equipped with decks and handrails. 5 halls have a lot of stalactites, stalagmites. The grotto is an official natural monument. But, the dungeons do not end there, from the visited grottoes we recommend highlighting the Cave of Desires , the Dusty Cave .

  • Opening hours: Tours start every half hour.
  • Ticket prices: For adults – 400 RUB, up to 14 years – 200, up to 7 free of charge.
  • Official website: https://www.azish-tau.ru/

Museum of nature of the Caucasian reserve

Waterfall along the trail

Located in the village of Guzeripl , which we described in detail on a separate page. We recommend to come here early in the morning by 9 o’clock, there are fewer tourists. You can take a guided tour, a museum worker will be a guide, he tells a very interesting story. You can walk on your own. What is included in the route: an interesting bridge with a picturesque view across the Molchepa River, a waterfall, a centuries-old dolmen, war monuments, a museum of animals and vegetation of the reserve.

  • Opening hours: 9 – 17 hours all year round, no days off.
  • Ticket prices: free for kids, 7-14 years old 200, adults 300, a guide for groups from 1 to 6 people 600 RUB.
  • Official website: http://kgpbz.ru/

City Park of Culture and Leisure

City Park

When telling about Maykop and its sights with photos and descriptions, it is impossible to bypass the city park, especially for those tourists who decided to come with children. It is quiet and comfortable here, the territory is equipped, there are benches and a lot of greenery. The place is pleasant for walking even in winter.

  • Address: Pushkin, 181.
  • Working hours: Mon-Fri 8 – 17, break 12 – 13.
  • Ticket prices: depending on the attractions visited.
  • Official website: http://parkmp.ru/.

Valley of the ammonites

Valley with unique stones

The romantic fossils are molluscs, the precursors of dinosaurs. Nearby there is the darkness of other remains of the former unique life. So, you will have a walk along the bed of the Belaya River, which starts at 33 km. the route Maykop-Guzeripl. The site can be traversed in 2 hours going down, while you will see the amazing beauty of the fossils, which, just think, are tens of millions of years old.

In fact, you will not find molluscs, but prints can be found.

Advice ! In the rain, the surface of the stones is slippery; in dry weather, wear comfortable shoes, you can easily twist your foot.

Granite gorge

Granite gorge

The length of the canyon is 4 km, width is about 200 m. Wish: it is better to observe it from the observation platforms created by nature itself. In winter, there are frozen streams, which looks quite good.

Lake Psenodah

Tent camp by the lake

The length is 150 m, the width reaches 70 m. The average depth is less than a meter. The geometry of the reservoir is unique – similar to a wide smile. Recommendation: when visiting Psenodakh, it is worth observing the protective regime in order to preserve nature, not to face the claims of the state.

Tsice Canyon

Tsice Canyon

The passage is difficult, it is not easy to get there. There are few visitors. You will have to move along the channel. They try to come there in August so that the water level is lower, but it is not too cold yet. The shores are teeming with boulders and grottoes. It is necessary to inspect the canyon with the expectation of returning before dark.

Khadzhokh quarry

Once in a quarry near the village. Limestone and other rocks were mined at Kamennomostsky . The bottom of the abandoned mine is replete with medium-sized springs that have created the Red Lake with clean, transparent water. The unique color is obtained thanks to the rocks and residual fossils. You can also meet the Adyghe people in the quarry.

Pshekhsky waterfall

View of the Pshekhsky waterfall (photo by kukarta)

The waterfall divides the mountains into parts, but does not go deeper into the rift. The height of the water fall is over 160 m, which makes the waterfall one of the most beautiful places in Adygea. Investigators come more often in the spring, until the seasonal downturn sets in. A comfortable road is laid to it, surrounded by a forest belt. Excursions are organized. Some of the programs even allow you to take babies.

Fortress Meot


The Meot fortress is stylized in antique style. In the shade created by the walls, it is pleasant to relax while sipping tea from Caucasian herbs, complementing it with barbecue. The historical and musical show “Apple of Narts” is held. When asked what to see in Adygea, the fortification is also called because it offers an unimaginable view of the Unakoz ridge and the mountain valley with the Belaya River, which draws a bizarre line. Neolithic excavation sites are located nearby.

  • Opening hours: Every summer weekend (then theatrical performances are held here).

Church of St. Dmitry

Church of St. Dmitry

It is pleasant to visit here on vacation in Adygea, because the church is a monument of wooden architecture. Over the past 15 years, it has attracted thousands of visitors.

  • Address: Kamennomostsky, Lenina, 5a.
  • Working hours: by agreement.

Rufabgo Falls

Rufabgo Falls

In theory, a free visit is also available. But you have to go through a steep dangerous slope, holding the cable. Rufabgo Falls is the collective name of 17 ledges. Hiking trails lead to 6 of the most attractive streams for travelers.

  • Opening hours: Paid from 9 am to 8 pm in summer and 6 pm in winter.
  • Ticket prices: up to 5 years free, up to 14 years 200, after 14 years 500.
  • Official website: http://armola.ru/gory/6/vodopady-rufabgo.html.

Where to eat deliciously in Maykop? Sooner or later, after exploring the city, you will want to eat.

  • We recommend trying the local cuisine in the restaurant Na Balkone , located at st. Krasnooktyabrskaya 36, there is a children’s room.
  • Cafe-bar Keks is located on Kalinina 219, the institution will appeal to lovers of cozy places.
  • In the city center, be sure to go to Sicily , st. Soviet 203, European and local cuisine, desserts are especially wonderful.

Khadzhokh dolmens

Stone houses

The dolmen was built in the 3rd century BC, the purpose is debatable. Some experts consider this to be the home of ancient people, some consider this building to be an ordinary table or tomb. What do you think?

  • Address: Guzeripl, Kamennomostsky.
  • Opening hours: In Kamennomostsky from 9 am to 8 pm daily, in the Guzeripl reserve from 9 to 5, and in summer until 6 pm.
  • Ticket prices: In Kamennomostskiy 50 with a guided tour, in Guzeripl 100 for children from 7 years old and 300 for parents.
  • Official website: http://armola.ru/gory/7/dolmeny-adygei.html

Oriental Museum

Oriental Museum

Connoisseurs of the past understand that in Maykop one should first of all see museums that have really collected a good collection of exhibits. Such walks will be interesting not only for adults, many tourists come here with children.

The exposition includes ancient and modern art, both artistic and decorative and applied, both author’s and created by unknown residents of the region in the past. There are jewelry, metallurgical, textile products of bygone eras.

  • Address: Pervomaiskaya, 221.
  • Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10 to 18, Wednesday from 10 to 21.
  • Ticket prices: 50 young, 100 seniors.
  • Official website: http://orientmuseum-filial.ru/

Belovodye Museum

Private museum with amazing excavation sites

This is another answer that can be seen in Adygea. Already at the entrance you will be interested to see what is inside, the house has its own originality. The museum has collected paleontological, archaeological and zoological exhibits. The exposition was created by a private enthusiast with his own money, who conducts excursions here (a very kind person).

  • Address: Kamennomostsky, Karl Marx 61.
  • Working hours: By agreement.
  • Parking is free.
  • Ticket prices: inspection of the complex 50, visit to the museum 150.
  • Official website: https://vk.com/belovodye.adygea.

Picture gallery

Exhibition in the gallery of paintings

The team collected about 1300 exhibits. Visitors can get acquainted with the achievements of the Adyghe graphics. The picture gallery is an excellent answer to the question of where to rest and what to do in Maykop. One room is dedicated to traditional crafts.

  • Address: Krasnooktyabrskaya, 27.
  • Opening hours: 11 – 18 hours, except Sunday.
  • Ticket prices: 50 adults, 30 students, 20 schoolchildren.
  • Official website: http://galereya-ra.ru/

Train Station

Railway station

Naturally, it is very easy to include this building in the list of what to see in Maykop in one day. Here you can start and end your acquaintance with the town. An atypical feature of the building is its execution in the spirit of Moorish architecture.

  • Address: Krasnooktyabrskaya, 1.
  • Working hours: around the clock.
  • Official website: https://majkop.vokzalzhd.ru/

What to see in the vicinity of Maykop?

This is no less relevant than the question of where to walk in Maykop within the city limits. For independent travelers by car, we have compiled a guide to interesting places where you should definitely go.

  1. The list of beautiful places is opened by the Guam Gorge . The rocks rise to a height of 400 meters. At the bottom, the Kurdzhips river is bubbling. The canyon has been the site of fierce battles. Now it is calm there, a narrow-gauge railway is working. 50% of the area will have to be bypassed on their own.
  2. The village of Mezmay . Local residents tell what to see in Maykop and the surrounding area first of all, they mention this settlement, the adjacent territory. The picturesque landscape does not exhaust the charm of the place. Tourists are waiting for grottoes, waterfalls. Guests choose to use hiking trails, simple contemplation. Time in Mezmay freezes around it, is perceived radically differently than in big cities.
  3. Rock Sail . The mountains of Maikop are charming at any time of the year. But the Sail, which is near the Rufabgo Falls, is even more attractive than the other peaks. It is a colossal flat stone in a shape close to a triangle. The beauty of the rock is emphasized by the ivy covering it.
  4. Mount Oshten . Visible from the city limits in clear weather. Cover with glaciers. The austere majestic landscapes delight even active global travelers. Shy chamois can be found on the southern slope of Oshten.
  5. Arboretum Park Bukreev . The park was removed from the regional center by 30 kilometers. There are local, exotic plants in the park. In addition to exploring rare graceful crops, you can relax on the pond with islets. The locality “asks” for the camera.

How to get to Maykop?

  • How to get to Adygea by plane?

We fly to Krasnodar, from here we negotiate with private traders at the exit from the Pashkovsky airport, taxi drivers take expensive, about 2500 rubles, private traders will take you for 1500 rubles.

Cheaper from the airport (119 km to the village) will take trolleybus No. 7 to the bus station “Krasnodar-1”, from there regular buses run every two hours, the ticket price is 350 rubles.

  • Getting there by bus

The popular service YugLine from Moscow carries tourists every day, the cost of tickets is 2500 rubles, the buses are comfortable. The schedule is constantly changing, so we advise you to look at it at the office. website online.

  • How to get there by car?

We leave for the M4 Don highway, some sections are toll, the total cost of all toll sections will be 1300 rubles. The road is good and straight to the village of Berezanskaya, here we turn onto the 03K-554 highway. Travel time with a quiet ride is 18 hours.

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