What to see on Olkhon and the surrounding area on your own?

For our tourists, we have collected all the best sights of Olkhon, which can be seen on Lake Baikal in summer and winter at any age and in any weather, we have compiled a map of the location of objects to facilitate drawing up a walking route. We found out where to stay in Khuzhir is more optimal and cheaper, what are the prices on Olkhon for excursions from local agencies and when ordering via the Internet.

Olkhon is a mysterious and mysterious site located on the territory of Lake Baikal. The island is considered to be an energetically strong place, and it is not without reason that the fame of the center of shamanism goes about it. Legend has it that the great leader of the Mongols, Genghis Khan, is buried here.

Those who are interested in natural beauty and unexplored territories come here. Before your trip, check out the list of the best attractions on Olkhon Island. This will help you plan your route and save time.


Cape Burkhan (Shamanka rock)

Shamanka rock

It is considered one of the interesting places on the island. The first thing to see on Olkhon and in the vicinity of Khuzhir is a must.

Located 45 kilometers from the village. The cave attracts tourists here. A grotto has been preserved in the rock. Legend says that it is here that the owner of the land lives – the spirit of Olkhon. The locals are in awe of the spirit and still bring gifts here to appease the mystical creature. Even in ancient times, shamans made sacrifices here. It was forbidden for mere mortals to enter the grotto. Now tourists know about the most convenient entrance. It is located on the west side.

From what to see on Olkhon in Khuzhir, we also note the sacred grove. Shamans are buried here.

Visit the local history museum. The collections will introduce the visitor to shamanic activities. Ritual items are presented. The exposition consists of finds found in the grove. The fact is that the sorcerers were burned after death, and the decorations, objects used during the rituals were not touched by the fire. They constitute the fund of the museum.

It is more convenient to get here by car. Look for a local person to guide you. Any driver will be happy to take you anywhere on the island for a small fee. In fact, the entire local population is engaged in carriage, mainly for excursion programs.

Zagli Bay

Shamanka rock

Exact coordinates: 53 ° 2’33.87 ″ N 106 ° 57′42.5 ″ E. It starts from the ferry. Therefore, you will have to cross the waters of the lake. The uniqueness of the place is that the sun almost always shines here, which is a rarity for the region.

Travelers stop at Lake Nur. In summer, it warms up to a comfortable swimming temperature. Here you can go fishing and swim.

Peninsula Mare’s Head

Mare’s Head

This site is also one of the most interesting places on the island. The peninsula got its name from the special shape of the rock that rises on the peninsula. It looks like a horse’s head. In winter, unusual blocks of ice form on the rocks – these are splashes.

Huge icicles adorn the rocks intricately and serve as an excellent backdrop for pictures.

In addition, a tragic event is associated with the peninsula. Here the ship “Potapov” was wrecked, about 200 people died. It happened at the very beginning of the 20th century.

Exact coordinates: 53 ° 3’46.85 ″ N 106 ° 54′12.38 ″ E, a road has been laid.

Cape Horgoy

On the coast of Cape Khorgoy

This is a steppe cape. It is more convenient to get here from the side of the warm litter. It is here that tourists gather in the summer. The water warms up well, you can swim.

To get here, you have to go to the village of Khadai, and then turn and go for about 7 km more. Coordinates: 53 ° 6′21.64 ″ N 106 ° 58′18.34 ″ E.

Kurykanskaya wall

Kurykan wall with history

Attraction located at Cape Khorgoy. It is a protective structure belonging to the ancient Turkic people. Kurykans lived on the territory of Lake Baikal from the 6th to the 11th century.

The remains of the wall stretch for more than 180 meters, some parts reach 0.2 kilometers in height.

A trip to the cape will answer the question of where to go to Olkhon, and what is unusual to see in the vicinity.

Khuzhir Museum of Local Lore N.M. Revyakina

Museum entrance

Many tourists are interested in where to visit Olkhon in winter. Experienced travelers note that the island is especially beautiful in February; when visiting in the last month of winter, it is recommended to visit the museum in Khuzhir.

The object was founded in the village of Khuzhir in memory of the local historian Revyakin. The Museum Foundation tells the history of the island. Presented by:

  • archaeological finds;
  • herbarium;
  • cult items;
  • collections of minerals;
  • national identity of the Buryats and much more.

Sandy beach of Saraisky Bay

Saraisky Bay with a beach, view from the Shamanka rock

The beach is located between two points: Kharantsy and Burkhan. All vacationers come here in the summer, they especially like to rest in tents. But, weather conditions sometimes do not allow you to relax, as the winds blow. Council, be closer to the forest and the hill.

The road is paved with gravel, so there will be no difficulties. After leaving the village, you need to immediately turn to the coast and move in this direction for about one and a half kilometers. Soon you will see a cozy area surrounded by a pine forest.

You can fly to the village from Irkutsk, there is an airfield on the island, a private airline SILA flies, the cost of the flight is 5800 rubles. Basically, the carrier delivers Chinese tourists, for the local population it is an expensive way to get to Olkhon (tickets can be bought at the ticket office of Irkutsk airport).

Peschanoe tract

Peschanoe tract

It is located 20 kilometers from the village of Khuzhir. Attracts tourists with sand dunes. Travelers note that it is especially beautiful in autumn, when the trees are dressed in colorful foliage.

Refers to the beautiful places of the island. You will find “stilted trees” here. They rise on roots half a meter from the surface of the earth, which is why they got their name.

Cape Sagan-Khushun

Sagan-Khushun, view from a pleasure boat

The cliffs of the cape are composed of white marble, which determines the color. Located 4000 meters from the northern tip of the island.

Important ! It is not easy to find it: the road is invisible and there are no indicative signs. Better to use the services of a guide.

The cliffs of the cape called “Three Brothers” are included in the list of natural attractions of the area. They have the shape of a pyramid and stand out clearly against the general background.

Lake Khankhoi

Lake Khankhoi

Famous among fishermen. The water here warms up quite well, which provides an abundance of fish.

You will find a reservoir on the north coast, in the middle of the island: 53 ° 9′13.68 ″ N 107 ° 10′14.16 ″ E.

Included in the list of things to see on Olkhon in summer. Archaeological sites are located nearby:

  • ritual complex (7th century BC – 10th century AD);
  • burial grounds;
  • ritual structures.

From here open views of the islands and the waters of the Small Sea.

Lake Shara-Nur

Lake Shara-Nur

Mountain reservoir. It is famous for its life-giving water and mud, which are also credited with medicinal properties.

The waters of Shara-Nur contain a large amount of mineral salts, which makes the color of the water appear yellow.

Exact coordinates: 53 ° 6′17.72 ″ N 107 ° 15′17.71 ″ E.

Cape Khoboy

Cape Khoboy

The extreme northern point of the island. An unusual rock is considered the decoration of the place. If you look at it from the sea, you will notice that it resembles a woman’s head in shape. Because of this, she received the name “Virgo”. Local residents tell a legend that this is the figure of a Buryat woman who was turned into stone by her husband in order to punish a woman for excessive envy.

Information about the cape is useful for tourists who are interested in where to go on Olkhon. It is beautiful here both in summer and winter. Travelers note the polyphonic echoes echoing around.

Important ! In winter they come here to visit the grottoes, picturesquely decorated with salty splashes. In summer, we advise you to take a tour on the water, in the evening it will be very beautiful.

Mount Zhima

Mount Zhima

A sacred place, the highest point of the island, the abode of spirits and deities.

Climbing a hill is difficult, it will take a day to overcome obstacles, but the work will not be in vain. Views of the surroundings open from here.

Important ! Take a supply of water with you, especially in sunny weather.

Coordinates: 53 ° 14′3.22 ″ N 107 ° 43′6.39 ″ E.

 Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment, Ogoy Island

Ogoy Island

A concrete structure consisting of a dome, a spire and three steps. Erected at the beginning of this millennium. The stupa personifies the Buddha. It is believed that the one who enters it, expects cleansing from sins and further prosperous life.

The voids inside the structure are filled with relics that are designed to prevent wars and ensure the well-being of the people.

A popular place among visitors to the island. Coordinates: 53 ° 7′40.95 ″ N 106 ° 59′58.17 ″ E.


Olkhon East Coast

East Coast

People go here to look at the Great Baikal. A view of the lake opens from the beach, located a few kilometers from the winter hut (first pass the Tashkinaya pad). For the coordinates, you can take the following values: 53 ° 4’3.72 ″ N 107 ° 18′51.55 ″ E.

Hunting winter quarters

Winter in the forest

The information will be useful for tourists who are interested in where to visit Olkhon in winter. Located three kilometers from about. Shara-Nur. Here you can stop for a rest. Traditionally, travelers leave some provisions so that those in need can replenish their strength after the journey.

Find the cabin by following coordinates 53 ° 5’54.63 ″ N 107 ° 16′59.66 ″ E.

Rock of Love

Rock of love

Included in the list of interesting places on Olkhon and natural monuments. Located on Cape Shunte-left (53 ° 23′31.98 ″ N 107 ° 47′27.92 ″ E). A legend is associated with the cape, it says that the couple will definitely have a child if the process of conception takes place at this place. Whether this is true or not, no one knows, but there are many who wish.

There is a road leading to the attraction.

It’s easier to get here from Hoboy. The cape is located just 4 km. Usually they get here as part of an excursion group or accompanied by a guide. If necessary, he will leave the couple alone.



From the north, there is a road leading down to the water. A weather station works here. If you go up the mountain, you will see a view of Lake Baikal.

The place is also famous for the fact that tourmalines – precious stones – are found in marble caves.

To get here, you need to drive eastward from Khuzhir for about 50 km. If you do not have your own transport, contact the locals, they will take you.

We also recommend taking an excursion to the island of seagulls . You can drive your own car with children towards the village of Sarma , here you can swim in the bays, where the water warms up to +20 degrees in summer.

Prices for excursions around Olkhon

You will definitely need firsthand information about which tours on Olkhon are better for a tourist. A walk around the island, accompanied by a guide, will significantly save energy and allow you to see the best sights of Olkhon on Lake Baikal, in addition, all the guides tell fascinating stories about the history and legends of the island, and will answer any question.

Prices for excursion support throughout the island are practically the same. Book anywhere that offers tours.

The following programs receive positive feedback:

  1. Evening walk along the Maloye More islands . Assumes a trip by motor ship on the waters of the sea for 3 hours. Dinner is organized on the boat. A walk will be a great idea for photo shoots at sunset. The guide will tell you about the places that you meet along the way, and there will be many of them. Cost from 900 rubles per person. The price depends on the type of vessel.
  2. South of Olkhon . Car excursion around the southern part of the island. Departure from the village of Khuzhir. Tourists visit the Khorgoy, Kobylya Golova, Big Sea capes and return to Khuzhir. Organize lunch in nature. Price: 1600 rubles
  3. North of Olkhon . Also, the trip takes place by car. It takes a long time, suitable for those who want to spend the whole day on Olkhon. Departure starts in Khuzhir. Tourists visit the capes located on the northern part of the island with a stop at the Uzury area. The entrance to the protected area is paid separately. Cost: from 900 rubles.
  4. To Ogoy Island . It will appeal to those who prefer boat trips on Olkhon. A trip in winter is also possible. The excursion will allow you to get acquainted with the local beauty and sights. Cost: from 1500 rubles. Takes a long time: from 7 hours.
  5. Individual tour . Popular view. The tourist independently negotiates the places he wants to visit. The guide makes the best route. Cost: from 1000 rubles per person.
  6. Paragliding . It will appeal to thrill-seekers, especially at sunset. Beauties are revealed from a height, especially when flying over the Shamanka Rock (if the pilot does not want to fly, then you can agree). Stops are possible at the other end of the island. The cost is about 1,500 rubles, but it’s worth it.
  7. To Cape Khoboy . A popular among tourists is a motor-water option. Part of the way will have to be done by water, and part by land. The tour usually takes a whole day. A campfire lunch is organized for tourists. Departure starts from the village. Khuzhir, the route includes a visit to the famous capes and the Uzury area. This is an expensive tour: it costs 2,800 rubles per person.

This is not a complete list of excursions available. Horseback riding , boating , fishing , hunting are organized for guests of the island (though there is no one to hunt here).

You will be able to order an escort at the ticket offices for the sale of bus tickets, hotel houses, hotels. A large number of travel agencies are concentrated in the village of Khuzhur, on the main streets there are pavilions or even tables with brochures and a manager nearby. You can also explore Olkhon on your own by driving a jeep or “loaf” (local minibus).

When driving on your own, be prepared for minor repairs: wheel punctures, replacement of stabilizers, overheating …

Olkhon sightseeing map


What to bring from souvenirs?

From souvenirs from holidays on Olkhon in summer or winter, we recommend bringing good photographs taken at Cape Khoboy and Shamanka rock at the sunset of the outgoing day, we have no doubt about other places. We also advise you to definitely try sagudai, hot and cold smoked peled. That’s all, the rest of the souvenirs are mainly designed for Chinese and Europeans at inflated prices.

How to get to Olkhon?

  • Airplane.

We have already mentioned about the flight from Irkutsk to Olkhon on a small plane of the SILA airline, the cost of the flight is about 5800 rubles per person, check the schedule at the city airport.

  • Bus.

You can get there by bus and minibuses from the bus station (website https://avtovokzal-on-line.ru/ and tel. 8-950-113-5555), railway station, from the Central Market from the parking lot at the Shopping Complex. The cost is from 850-1000 rubles, the travel time is about 5 hours.

  • On water

The water transfer is organized by the VSRP, the schedule and cost of tickets can be found on the website https://vsrp.ru/ . We especially recommend booking a one-day tour of Irkutsk-Olkhon for the whole day with an early morning departure from the city, the cost of the trip is 10,200 rubles, the amount is considerable, but the trip will leave an indelible impression.

  • By car

We leave Irkutsk on the Kachugsky tract and drive about 170 km to Bayandai, here at the crossroads we need to turn right, immediately after the turn there will be a good parking lot, here you can have a snack and relax, there is also a tire fitting and service centers in the village. Then we drive in a straight line until the very ferry crossing.

Near the turn to the village of Sarma and in Elantsy, there will be gas stations Rosneft and Kraisneft, and here we advise you to refuel. The ferry crossing is free.

The track is of good quality, you can drive 120 km / h, others manage to squeeze more. In the villages and on the highway, traffic police crews are often on duty.

Where to eat deliciously in Khuzhir?

There are many cafes on the island, there is no point in listing the names, since they are often closed due to sanitary standards, but in most cases tourists eat at recreation centers, fortunately, each complex feeds well. There are supermarkets and small shops in the center of Khuzhir, so you won’t have any problems with food. There is one thing, prices are 20-30% higher compared to Irkutsk.

Where to stay on Olkhon?

Now let’s consider the best camp sites in Olkhon, where you can stay comfortably and inexpensively. Looking ahead, we note that the cost per day of staying at the Khuhira hotel is high (as well as on the entire coast of Lake Baikal), get ready to spend at least 4 thousand rubles for standard accommodation in a small room.

  • From inexpensive accommodation offers, we recommend the Baikal mini-hotel , located next to the Shamanka rock and Saraysky beach. You can easily get to the sandy beach and spend the whole day here, then head back to your room. There is a small minus, in the standard building, try to book a room on the author’s floor, it is very noisy for those who like to sleep. Room reservation .
  • For recreation on Olkhon with the whole family in a cozy atmosphere, we recommend the guest house Alenka . It can easily accommodate 4 people, there is a kitchen where you can cook at any time, there is a small playground in the yard. House reservation .
  • Guest House Olkhon Story is especially suitable for families and couples in love, very cozy rooms are offered by the owners, we especially note that the administration monitors every little thing. Rooms in a modern minimalist way, please tourists who are accustomed to modern interiors. Room reservation .
  • Well, the fourth version of our rating is the residence of Philoxenia. The hotel is located on the first line overlooking not only Lake Baikal, but also the sunset of the day, and it is especially beautiful here. The rooms are cozy and large in size, there is a restaurant, a playground, the administration organizes any excursion. Especially worth noting is the owner, who is very polite and will always help with advice. Room reservation .
 TOP-30 holiday camps
Residence Philoxenia

A trip to Olkhon will become a memorable moment in your life. This is an unusually beautiful place, rich in natural attractions. It will appeal not only to outdoor enthusiasts and fishermen, but also to those who are attracted by everything magical, who want to see nature untouched by man and feel unity with the Universe.

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