Nwosu Chinonso Kyrian Is A SCAMMER, Do Not Transact With HIM

Nwosu Chinonso Kyrian is a relentless scammer who has lost all credibility.

Sounds like a baseless claim?

Alright let me explain with solid evidence.

Chinonso Nwosu Kyrian is a student of University of Nigeria Nsuka, who is currently studying political science. He attended Federal Science and Technical College Ahoada where he obtained his SSCE certificates (Waec, & Neco). Currently he is a fraudster who lures innocent USA citizens into “Online dating” where he pretends to be a military personnel. These Victims eventually fall in love after so much trickery. He demands for their ssn, or any other sensitive credentials which he uses to borrow funds from major USA banks. These victims whom he wooed into love become indebted for money they know little about. Most, if not all the time, These victims slide into serious depression which may lead to mental unrest or suicide attempts.

Below is His Contact Information

Account name: Nwosu Chinonso Kyrian

Account No: 2119994744

Bank: United Bank of Africa (UBA)

Whatsapp No: 08119014647

His Call/sms line: 08089593772


On the 9th of april, 2022 we got a report about his latest scam which involved his secondary school classmate. For privacy reasons we have decided not to mention his name.

How it Happened.

On that day, chinonso nwosu kyrian claimed to be in possession of identity document of a united kingdom citizen which his classmate was in need of, (for adsense identity verification). His secondary school classmate transferred the sum of N7,000 to his nigerian bank account. After the funds transfer, Chinonso Nwosu Kyrian never released the id he claimed to offer before the funds transfer was initiated. He started pleading with his colleague to give him more time that he would send him the id. Its over a month now..

I have attached the evidence of this transaction between Chinonso Nwosu Kyrian And His ex Classmate below.